3 min readFeb 14, 2021

With serious inspiration from Elon Musk’s 2006 article

The Secret noesun Master Plan (just between you and me)

The initial offering of noesun are experiences: personal retreats, retreats for parents and children and offsites. Spaces to be your best self and do your best work. However, some readers may not be aware of the fact that our long term plan is to offer a wide range of experiences, including physical experiences in dedicated physical spaces.

Why are physical spaces central in noesun’s plans? This is because the very walls we inhabit perpetuate the limiting lifestyle that we are stuck in. The spiritual spaces, for the most part, lost their community, because their software has been less relevant. Consumerism around immediate pleasures with poor consequences (on the longer term for the individual, at larger scale for the community and the planet) have flourished, as it captured our attention, wallets and powered our economies. In your street/city, how much space is dedicated to growth? Personal development? Human activities that actually drive positive change in the world? “Being” instead of “Doing” and, at least, “Doing” instead of “Buying/Having”?

At the moment, people need to research and find the conscious options, usually needles in the haystack. We need to turn it around. Making the transition easy is making “conscious” available and predominant in every street. The more we can upgrade existing experiences and create dedicated spaces, the less temptation on lifestyles that are detrimental to the individuals, the community and the planet.

The overarching purpose of noesun is to help accelerate the transition to a more conscious/thriving/elevating/empowering lifestyle — one that seeks personal growth, contribution to the community, in harmony with nature — which we believe to be the number one driver for all other human and planetary challenges. The more humans understand that their self interest is actually aligned with the community and planetary interests (not conceptually but through experience), the more their own lifestyle will participate in the global transition. And when it is time for them to create, they’ll also build the solutions, instead of more products and services that feed the global challenges we’re facing.

We start with the programs and community build up:

  1. This “software” component is necessary for the physical spaces we envision, both the ones we will operate directly and the existing spaces we will enhance. Also, the program will dictate the design of the spaces.
  2. That development of the software component is not capital intensive and can be started with bootstrapping.
  3. The software is monetized and funds the development of physical spaces.

Then, we build spaces in nature:

  1. The immersive experience requires a disconnection from negative patterns. That disconnection is easier outside of the city which, because its current setup, is the platform of many of our negative patterns/behaviours.
  2. The core of the inner transformation experience is to reconnect with nature and, most importantly, oneself.
  3. Finally, real estate is much more affordable and therefore less constrained.

With successful experiences with the software and the first pieces of hardware, we are ready to enter cities:

  1. Creating conscious oasis around our coworking, coliving, restaurants, spa, fitness centers, spiritual centers.
  2. Then offering support to existing businesses who want to improve their operations based on our best practices.
  3. Finally to city planners who look to upgrade their urban experiences to power the conscious transition.

So, in short, the master plan is:

  • First offer growth experiences and gather a tribe of mutual empowerment
  • Use that movement to build dedicated physical spaces in nature
  • Use that movement to upgrade cities: creating dedicated spaces & helping existing spaces to grow conscious.
  • While doing above, also help incubate & scale the solutions to our current planetary problems

Don’t tell anyone.


Add data: Conscious Operations in Cities (Look at Building Uses per City), Transition to Conscious, (Define Conscious and estimate)